51/49 was a three-day generative workshop where participants Bobbly Gonzales, Alissa Chanin, Joshi Raden, Brian M. John and Linda Tegg learned a fragment of Trio A and considered how performing Trio A to a plant audience could expand their capacity for empathising with plants. This unlikely line of research proceeds from A Program for Plants in Mercury, a video art program that re-imagined the Video Data Bank as a life source for plants. It was found that documentation of Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A, a well known dance sequence first performed in 1966, was the most photosynthetically stimulating to plants, having screened Trio A documentation for a plant audience, A Program for Plants then invited Trio A custodian Linda K. Johnson to conduct a workshop where over three days participants leaned a fragment of Trio A and performed it for a plant audience.
51/49 culminated in a new works Trio A Pressured: Horticultural Fragment and Score for an Audience Awaiting Trio A Pressured: Horticultural Fragment.