November 30 – December 4
SUGS Gallery, LeRoy Neiman Centre 
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
A Program for Plants takes as its starting point the proposition of programming a video art festival for plants. This multifaceted task prompts a series of pragmatic and philosophical questions which re-purpose Chicago’s Video Data Bank as a vehicle for expanding our capacity to empathize with plants. Given this new perspective from which to evaluate multimedia artwork, the collaborating artists Joshi Radin, Brian M. John and Linda Tegg set out to curate a cultural program for a new, non-human audience.
A Program for Plants is both a quest for connection with non-human kinds and the overlaying of cultural content. This complex arrangement will be further processed through contemporary discussions surrounding non-human agency.
A Program for Plants is supported by the Earl and Brenda Shapiro Center for Research & Collaboration through the EAGER grant program.
Screenings begin at 5:30 daily.
Monday November 30
Papillon d'amour
Nicholas Provost
Tuesday December 1
Paul Chan
Wednesday December 2
Theme Song
Vito Acconci
Thursday December 3
Hostage: The Bachar Tapes (English Version)
Walid Raad and Souheil Bachar
Friday December 4
Trio A
Yvonne Rainer